Welcome to YAK.

I am so excited to finally be opening YAK’s online shop, I really hope you find something that you like.   The virtual shelves full of delightful woolly goodies all of which reflect what I love about knitting.  Lots of natural fibres, gorgeous hand dyed yarns, and colours, colours, lots of colours!  Along side our lovely ranges of yarns we have a great choice of needles and accessories.

My name is Kate and YAK has been in my vision for a long time.  I took up knitting to fill the void sewing left when I went travelling several years ago and it has been full of knitting ever since.  Like you, I am a maker.  My passion lies with the process of making; being able to choose the perfect yarn for the perfect project, seeing it come to life and getting pleasure from seeing it being used again and again.  At the moment this is what YAK headquarters looks like,

What I love most about knitting is the community of people it brings together.  One of the biggest joys I have gotten from knitting is the people I have met.  This is one of the biggest reasons I am not leaving YAK just as an online shop.  At some point in 2014 (hopefully I will be able to be less vague in the coming weeks) I will be opening a physical bricks and mortar yarn shop in Brighton.  Through the shop I hope to bring together like minded makers and offer up the same special products as we have online, none of which you will find anywhere else in Brighton.  Also, as we all know, however much wonder and amazement the internet has brought us it will never be able to capture the fuzziness of angora or the true colours of a hand dyed semi-solid skein.  For that we need to get hands on.

With all that being said, welcome, please make yourself at home.  I will be updating the blog with news of the bricks and mortar shop so please do check back regularly.  If you would like to be contacted by e-mail when we open and receive our mailing list please click ‘mailing list’ at the bottom of the page and fill in your details.  There you will also find all of the other ways you can keep in touch with YAK.

See you again soon.

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  1. Hi Kate, I’m a friend of mum and my husband conducts Antiphon. Love the website; I belong to a craft group, many of whom are knitters, so I will spread the word! Good luck and best wishes,


  2. Hi Kate
    Love the website! Rachel is a great knitter, so I am sending her the link straight away. We’re looking forward to the shop opening – Brighton isn’t too far from here. Good luck!

  3. Hi Kate,
    I just received your mail out, having filled in the questionnaire on ravelry a while ago- many thanks. All the best with your shop, it certainly looks lovely online and once you have a premises I’ll definitely be along for a look (and some purchases no doubt!). In the meantime I’ll keep reading your blog, and if you’re thinking about getting any classes of the crochet variety pencilled in for the shop for autumn/winter I’d be delighted to see whether I can help you 🙂
    Here’s my blog too: http://earthwireshirts.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Sophie,
      Thank you for being involved with the questionnaire, seems like an age ago now! I will definitely be doing classes once the bricks and mortar is up and running so I will definitely put you down on my list of potential tutors. Great blog!

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