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One of my New Year’s knitting goals was to push myself out of my comfort zone more when it comes to knitting patterns. One thing on the top of my to-do list is knit something with cables. Though I understand the concept of knitting cables, I’ve never actually knit a project with them.

I’m absolutely itching to cast on a project, although I’m having trouble deciding which one. I’ve been pouring through Ravelry finding beautiful patterns to add to my make list, and thought it would be a shame for all this research to go unseen.

So I’ve compiled a ‘cosy cables’ pattern round up to not only refer back to myself, but hopefully inspire other people. There’s some stunning designs in here and I’m sure by the end of the year I will have completed more than one.

Mila Mini Shawl by Mipi Knits

I thought it might be wise to start with a smaller project seeing as knitting cables is new to me, and came across this beautiful Mila Mini Shawl by Mipi Knits. I’m a sucker for a neckerchief / mini shawl (I actually wrote a whole blog post about them recently which you can read here), they’re just so practical!

This design features an all over textured pattern consisting of seed stitch, lace and cables. So not necessarily a pattern you can knit while watching the TV as I imagine it requires pretty consistent concentration. The result is gorgeous though.

This design comes in 2 sizes and requires a DK weight yarn. I think if I was to make this I would use Malabrigo Silky Merino, as it’s very soft which makes it suitable for close-to-the-skin garments, and it also has incredible drape, perfect for something like this!

Cosy cables mila mini shawl mipi knits
© Mipi Knits

BFF Socks by Cookie A

Next up is the BFF Socks by Cookie A. There’s nothing cosier than a pair of hand-knitted socks and I love this design as they’re sleek, but the cables really elevate them.

I think the solid colour works well for these socks as it lets the design speak for itself. I’m also a big fan of the lack of ribbing at the top of the socks – it makes them look very elegant.

I would use Onion Nettle Sock or Malabrigo Ultimate Sock (in a plain colour rather than multi-tonal) for this pattern.

Cosy cables bff socks cookie a
© Cookie A

Maple Vest by Yun Jeong

Though it doesn’t have the classic ‘cable-knit look’ I was originally searching for, I fell in love with the Maple Vest by Yun Jeong when I saw it. The construction alone drew me in. With a folded neck and beautifully designed split hem, this vest is perfect for layering in the transitional seasons.

The cable stitches along the bottom ribbing and the split him just add an extra point of interest.

I always like to look at the projects on a pattern’s Ravelry page to see what other people have made, and it’s hard to say whether I prefer those made in a solid colour, or those made with variegated yarn (like the two in the photos).

This requires a sport weight yarn, and the designer recommends holding a fingering weight with a lace weight. I do love the fluffy halo these two have, having been held with a strand of silk mohair. It gives the overall finished piece a delicate, soft look which compliments this pattern perfectly.

Cosy cables maple vest yun jeong
© Yun Jeong

Koyamae by Joanna Ang

Though it wasn’t originally what I had in mind for a cable-knit jumper, I couldn’t help but add the Koyamae by Joanna Ang to my want-to-make list.

When knitting cables or any kind of textured or lace pattern, I personally wouldn’t choose anything fluffy as the stitch definition isn’t quite as crisp. However I love the effect that the slightly fluffy yarn has had on this cable panel. It softens it, which for this design works beautifully and I would want to do the same.

I would opt for Snefnug by Camarose for this, which is light, very soft, and fluffy, giving a similar look to that of the sample in these photos.

I really love how the cable panel only runs down the side of the sleeves, I’ve personally not seen many designs like this. Due to the simplicity of the rest of the jumper, it’s an excellent project to spotlight a beautiful yarn. This design could very easily become a closet staple.

Cosy cables koyamae joanna ang
© Joanna Ang

Sweater no. 15 by My Favourite Things

When I mentioned the classic ‘cable-knit look’ I’m searching for a few paragraphs back, this is what I’m referring to. I’m sure most people in the online knitting world have seen this design – it’s very popular.

Sweater no. 15 by My Favourite Things features an all over repeating cable pattern. I love the repetitive look of this and think it would works really well when made in a vibrant colour – like the green one on the left hand side, it makes the 3D nature of the stitch pop!

This is designed for a sport weight yarn, and is one I definitely want to make. I think I will go for Dererum Natura Ulysse in the shade Printemps which is a bright, springy green (I’ve clearly been influenced by the one in the photo).

I imagine once you’ve memorised the cable pattern for this, it’s easy to get in to a nice rhythm and wouldn’t need complete focus – perfect for knitting in front of the TV or listening to a podcast.

Cosy cables sweater no. 15 my favourite things knitwear
© My Favourite Things

Moby Sweater by PetiteKnit

Another classic! This is one of the first patterns to come up on Ravelry when searching ‘cables’. Moby by PetiteKnit uses a combination of textured stitch patterns and cables.

What I love about PetiteKnit’s designs is that there’s a real emphasis on the construction and how it fits the body. Though the designs are often simple, they just fit very well.

This design also comes in baby, child and man sizes, and also as a slipover version. I’m soon to become an aunty for the second time round which I couldn’t be more excited about, and I plan on making this in the 6-9 months size, seeing it as a quick project to practice knitting cables.

On the projects tab for this pattern, I particularly love the ones that have been made in a neutral colour – cream, grey, brown etc. I love a bright pop of colour, but made in a neutral colour would make this design a timeless closet staple (for me, at least).

It uses a worsted weight yarn, which Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura would be perfect for, especially coming in such beautiful neutrals.

Cosy cables moby sweater petiteknit
© PetiteKnit

I can’t wait to get started on one of these designs, and will hopefully be able to write a completed project update on here soon! I also hope this list inspired someone else to knit something with cables!

If you’d like more pattern inspiration – we have plenty on our blog which you can find here.

In The Meantime… Happy Knitting!

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