Zinone Feature

Summer Holiday Project – Kate’s Zinone II


Part two of Kate’s Zinone top, let’s see how she’s getting on…


The fine weather of Wales

Wales was great, I spent some lovely time with my family and I got to meet some llamas at the Blackrock Llama Centre. Now back to reality unfortunately means less knitting time – sad face. I am however pretty pleased with where I am up to.

Zinone in prgress

I was pretty slow at getting to grips with the lace, I thought I could be clever and put in stitch markers but no, the stitches move around between the repeats too much so it got really confusing. It was a 5 rows forward 2 rows back kind of start but by the time I’d done the top back section I was in the swing of it.
The Tussah Silk is a dream to work with. I would never call myself a silk person but the Tussah silk is so un-silk-like, its almost woolly and fluffs up but yet it drapes just like silk.

Zinone Back

Because of my dodgy gauge, I assume from using such a different yarn, I have had to make some major length changes. I calculated that 1 extra repeat of the lace (8 rows) for every set of repeats should get me to the exact length. The arm holes fit perfectly so that’s a good first indicator but I’m not too worried about the length of the body as I think I want it somewhere in between lengths anyway.
Just a couple more decrease repeats on the body to go and I’ll see how I like the length. If you’re thinking of making a Zinone yourself the designer Andy has some great resources on her website for working lace, modifying for your row gauge and adding a lifeline, the latter which I would highly recommend!

I’m hoping with just a few more repeats to go this will fly off the needles… before the summer is over!

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!