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Inspirations from Norway

Ever since we received them we’ve been loving our beautiful Sandnes Garn Alpakka, Merinoull and Alpakka Ull. An icon of the Norwegian wool industry, Sandnes Garn are renowned for their high quality yet affordable yarns and their elegant pattern designs. Less known in the UK they recently gain prominence through their collaboration with established designers like PetiteKnit. Here follows our top fun Read the full article…

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Know Your Fibre – Alpaca

Remarkable for its softness alpaca is one of those fibres that feels incredibly luxurious to knit and to wear. Over the last 10 years it has gained popularity amongst knitters and yarn producers as an equally soft but more sustainable alternative to cashmere. ©  Mother Nature Network History: Alpaca is part of the family of Read the full article…

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Summer Holiday Project – Wendy’s Montbretia

Today in the second episode of our summer holidays trilogy, Wendy introduces us to her latest knitting project!   As a big fan of Ravelry I don’t tend to buy many knitting books. However, a quick flick through the new Kate Davies The Book of Haps had me standing at the till purse in hand! Along with Read the full article…