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We’ve got something cooking for you… I know you guys like to follow our WIPs and read about our completed projects so this time I’ve decided to take it a step further by running our first ever email series! Sign up and you will embark on a knitting journey to the Shetland Islands following along as I, Kate, works my way through a major colourwork knitting project, the Yell cardigan by Marie Wallin.

I first got the idea for this email series while knitting a Norwegian stranded colourwork jumper during lockdown. It was my first ever steeked project and I was instantly hooked and looking around for my next steeked colourwork fix! This time I wanted something more intricate, using more colours. I am ready for something way more intense. There were so many thing involved in knitting Rob’s jumper that I thought there might be others interested in watching the process. My hope is to inspire other knitters to cast on their own steeked colourwork project.

We will be talking all things Shetland and stranded knitting:⁠

  • swatching in the round⁠
  • colour dominance ⁠
  • how to steek⁠
  • dealing with ends⁠

But if you already know these techniques like the back of your hand we’ve also got lots of extras in store. We will be talking to Marie Wallin, taking a deep dive into the history of Jamieson & Smith as well as looking into the background of Shetland knitting, colourwork and our favourite, the Shetland sheep! ⁠

This series will start on October 6th which seems fitting as its the month that normally hosts Shetland Wool Week. Unfortunately not going ahead this year but we’ll be there in spirit. The series will run over 10 weeks and You’ll receive one email a week for the duration. ⁠

Please note that people who are already subscribed to our newsletters won’t automatically be sent this email series. So even if you already receive our weekly emails you will still have to sign up to partake in the email series!⁠

Sounds like something you or your friends would enjoy? Spread the word and click here to sign up.

Until Next Time… Happy Knitting!

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