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A few things that have made there way into our web space over the last couple of months!  

This fab short Ted Talk video from Issac Mizrahi gives a brief insight into the simple button. Pretty much unchanged throughout its history the buttons importance in fashion and functionality has not waived, even when new textile technologies have come along. Mizrahi explains, Velcro is loud and wears out, and zips break. Its a lovely video with plenty of button eye candy! Where can we find this shop!? Watch the video here on the Ted Talks website. 

How the button changed fashion - issac mizarchi
How the button changed fashion – issac mizarhi

Although this invention is now over 5 years old it has just appeared on our radar, and we think its great. The Rocking-Knit is a rocking chair which knits in the round as you rock. The two inventors Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex were tasked with creating human-powered designs that reconsider the idea and means of manufacturing. They suggest you use the movement as relaxation and not exerting yourself whilst creating something, however we say why not knit whilst knitting!? Read more about the project and watch the video in action here

Ecal low-tech factory/rocking-knit
Ecal low-tech factory/rocking-knit


Rain Delisle is the owner and skilled worked behind Indigo Proof. Indigo proof restore and mend damaged jeans. Everything can be mended according to Rain. Take a look at her Instagram feed to see the truly staggering workmanship to make your jeans as good as new. Not only are the repairs next to invisible she is a one women show which buckets of passion and knowledge. To learn more about her processes and beliefs take a read of her Philosophy and FAQ pages on her website. 

© indigo proof
© indigo proof

Until next time, happy knitting…

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  1. The Shop is Knopf Paul in Berlin Kreuzberg. It’s the most amazing place. Bring your FO and you get tons of consultation. They’re not open every day, so check before you go.

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